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We offer a full range of logo design services and are committed to providing amazing quality at affordable prices.

We are a highly experienced and qualified team of experts and have worked with countless organizations to help them refine their logo designs. We know what works and what doesn’t and are committed to providing excellent service and transparent communication in everything that we do.

When you choose Our World Logos, a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC, you choose a company that you can trust with your brand. We understand how integral your logo is to your business and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Your satisfaction is our number one concern which is why so many clients are happy to use our services time and again..

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Logo design is crucial for making your brand pop visually and can make all the difference when it comes to your first impressions. Great logo design should help you to create a strong brand image, but more importantly it should give your business a professional sheen that ensures you get taken seriously.

Take a look at the leading companies in your industry or niche. Does your logo design, look as good as theirs? If not, then it should! There’s absolutely no reason that your design shouldn’t be competing with the very best in your category, so you need to be using the best graphic design around.

We Provide Excellent Logo Design Services!


Great logo design should ‘communicate, not decorate’ your brand image. What that means, is that the elements on the logo should each say something about your brand or about your industry. Brilliant design isn’t about flourishes and random lines that are there just for show – everything should have a purpose and should be there to help inform and instruct the viewer.

Your logo design objective is also to persuade. This is why graphic design requires a good understanding of psychology – what is it that will best attract attention? What do you need to include to stir a viewer’s emotion?

Good design is thoughtful too. That means that it should understand and speak to the nature of your business and to your target audience/industry. Your graphic designers should understand your business and what you’re about and should be able to express that with their great design. When you design a logo, your design company should be able to avoid clichés while perfectly expressing what it is your business does and your ethos. What’s more it should be delivered in contrasting colors so you can use it in a range of scenarios.

At the same time, great graphic design should also be crisp, high definition and flawless. When it comes to graphic design, the devil really is in the details. In other words, while you might not notice a single pixel out of place – on an unconscious level it does stand out and it ultimately undermines the apparent quality of the logo you’re looking at.

This is why you need to use a professional company that will work to industry standards using the best software and the best tools to create crisp and professional logos.


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Animate Your Logo!

Once you have us create your awesome logo for your brand, Our World Video, also a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC (like Our World Logos) can animate your logo into Intros, Outros, Socials, Titles, Overlays, Alphas, and Transitions if not put together a full video infomercial for you.

Our Video Clip Store has a sampling of most of our beautiful and attention grabbing, Done-For-You (D.F.Y.) budget video clips that can be quickly customized for your videos!

Our Video Template Store has many Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Video Templates that you can easily edit in Microsoft PowerPoint with your own images, audio and etc and then save to a beautiful High Definition Video representing your business, product, event or organization! As seen in the above link, have us make you an amazing animated Intro, Outro, Transition, Social and etc to really make your new video the “Attention Grabber”!

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